“I believe the next ten years will be a golden decade for private enterprise in China.”

Xu Shaochun

Entrepreneur's Journey

Xu Shaochun was born in 1963 in Hunan, China. After graduating from Nanjing Institute of Technology, his career began in a Ministry of Aerospace Industry factory. He moved on to become a manager in an accounting office in Shenzhen. Xu, in 1991, founded the Shenzen Aipu Computer Technology Co. Ltd. The same year Xu also founded Kingdee International Software Group Co. Ltd., the company he now heads. Xu has many awards such as: “30 Effective People who Contributed to the Success of Shenzhen’s 3 Decades of Reform and Opening,” “Outstanding Leader of China’s Information Industry,” “Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Mayor’s Award,” “10 Outstanding Entrepreneurs Award,” “World Indigenous Entrepreneur Award of the United Nations,” and “10 Outstanding Youths of China’s Software.” Xu is committed to making Kingdee the world’s leading service provider of management and IT integrated solutions. Socially, he is a member of the 9th Central Committee of China’s Democratic National Construction Association and is also a council member of China’s Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation.

Innovation brought by the entrepreneur:

In August 1993, Kingdee was founded with 20 employees. The new venture focused on the development of the first Chinese accounting software for Microsoft Windows and successfully introduced its proprietary product to Shenzhen firms in 1995. With a limited local user market, Xu began to establish branches outside Shenzhen that served as a base for direct marketing. With a new capital injection, Kingdee was able to invest in the emerging ERP market segment and gain a first-mover advantage with its flagship K/3 ERP product in 1998. Xu has worked on strengthening Kingdee’s product offerings which have established a firm position for the company as the ERP solution provider among manufacturing firms in Southern China.

The core structure of Kingdee Cloud Cosmic is Microservices, Docker container technology, and distributed databases led by Xu’s vision. This platform enables clients to develop and operate personalized applications, thus helping to substantially improve development. Kingdee developed Huawei’s fully cloud-based infrastructure system.

Key Success Attributes

Xu has been actively promoting the objective of “Enabling the Chinese management model to rise in the world.”
Xu advocates the idea of “following the right path, pursuing the right course.”
Xu’s core value is “acting in good of conscience, putting conscience into practice.”
His philanthropic traits have led him to pursue the right course.

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