“A coder, or computer programmer, doesn’t see problems. They see systems and procedures that can be improved. This kind of thinking can help in any line of work.”

Jeff Green

Entrepreneur's Journey

Jeff Green is currently the Chairman and Founder of The Trade Desk Inc. He started working for Microsoft as a technical account manager. Green got his big break in 2003, when he co-founded AdECN, a demand-side advertisement firm, and sold it to Microsoft in 2007 for an undisclosed sum. In 2009, he co-founded another company called The Trade Desk, a second-generation, programmable advertising technology company that empowers buyers of advertising through data-driven decisions. Green built The Trade Desk as a second-generation demand-side platform, positioning it at the center of digital advertising. He officially launched The Trade Desk in China in March 2019.

Innovation brought by the entrepreneur:

Green pioneered the ad tech industry with The Trade Desk – a demand-side platform that offers agencies, aggregators, and their advertiser’s best-in-class technology to manage display, social, and video campaigns. The Trade Desk helps companies identify what their customers are looking for. Green believed that advertising can be done more effectively than the traditional model by using data. This innovation is helping both buyers and sellers. It focuses on what the buyer is looking for and their insights help sellers in modifying their product and managing the supply chain as well.

Key Success Attributes

He is a problem-solver who makes data-driven decisions.
He has a knack to understand the need gap and innovate to solve industry-wide issues.
He is determined to implement new ideas against industry norms.
He believes in long term goals and works towards growing the business rather than raising capital.

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