Leadership Team

We firmly believe that smaller teams are more efficient and productive than larger teams. Each integrative member of the ERShares team is highly efficient, and well-connected. They accomplish goals daily--not just on a quarterly or monthly basis.

We constantly seek innovative opportunities within the FinTech marketplace and strive to deliver startup-level growth


The book Getting Bigger by Growing Smaller, written by Joel Shulman, President and CIO of ERShares with Thomas T. Stallkamp (former COO of Chrysler/Daimler Corporation), introduces a powerful new growth model for corporate America–SEU’s or Strategic, Entrepreneurial Units. We apply their insights on how we manage our firm and why we maintain a small, cohesive team. We actually follow a pattern in the same spirit as the firms we invest in. Their book describes how large, mature companies become bureaucratic, leading them to become trapped in a declining phase of the corporate life cycle. Historically this barrier to continued growth has been, and is still, inevitable. ERShares, on the other hand, embraces an entrepreneurial culture by growing bigger, with a smaller team.

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