The ERShares Difference

We believe historically entrepreneurial companies led by charismatic stewards focus on innovation, high performance, and long-term growth. Entrepreneurs lead the way for change and strive hard to achieve success for their companies and shareholders. At ERShares, we believe in the power of the Entrepreneur Factor®.

Benefits of investing with ERShares

Global investing in publicly traded companies

ERShares scours the planet for the most entrepreneurial, strong growth companies and put it to market in one easy-to-invest fund.

Pioneers in Thematic investing

ERShares was among the first to introduce a thematic approach to investing, having started 15 years ago following research conducted at Harvard University.

Diligent Processes

Before making any investment decisions, ERShares takes extra diligence in building a robust thesis for a particular investment. In addition to our multi-factor qualification criteria, ERShares performs additional research to ensure a particular investment meets the necessary internal standards for investment.

Expert Management

Our Founder and CIO Dr. Joel Shulman who has 25 years of academic research in the field of entrepreneurship leads the way for the rest of the team to recognize the most entrepreneurial companies from around the world.

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