Why invest in Women Entrepreneurs Strategy?

Leadership characteristics matter for corporate culture and the long-term health of an organization. Women-led organizations often behave differently from typical companies, especially on important social responsibility, corporate turnover, compensation and Board composition metrics. Women entrepreneurs provide exceptional risk-return benefits coupled with other key advantages owing to their orientation. This strategy allows investors to gain confidence that their money is being handled in a manner commensurate with their own personal beliefs and expectations.

Leadership Matters: Gain an Edge with Women-Led Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs are exploring industries traditionally dominated by males

Coinciding with improvements in gender equality, more women entrepreneurs are entering the business world and infusing it with diverse mindsets and perspectives. Traditionally, women entrepreneurs started businesses and succeeded in areas where women were dominating the customers’ preferences, specifically the consumer discretionary sector. With more opportunities becoming accessible to women, both in schools and workplaces, women are displaying their capabilities and exercising their influence. The world is now seeing women entrepreneurs emerging in traditionally male-dominated areas such as health care and information technology. In October 2020, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, which made it the first time this prize was ever awarded to an all-women team, serving as an inspiration to women around the world who are already on track or planning to pursue a career in STEM areas.

Among the inevitable trend of customization and precision across industries, continuous technical innovations, refreshing perception of the business environment, and sensitive understanding of users’ preferences brought by women entrepreneurs will surely be an important driving factor for a company’s continuous growth.

Strategy Objectives

The Women-Led Entrepreneur strategy provides a portfolio comprising Entrepreneurial organizations with women dominating key strategic positions. This strategy provides excellent risk-adjusted performance coupled with an important investor preference overlay. We invest in the entrepreneurial stocks with women leadership guiding the way to bring robust financial and organizational performance.

“The team at ERShares fosters gender-equality and diversity. This strategy is truly unique as it invests (and supports) women leaders from around the world, but it is also managed by a diverse team.”

Eva Ados
COO & Chief Investment Strategist

Invest in the Power of Women Entrepreneurs

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