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ERShares is a Registered Investment Advisor that delivers accredited investors direct, custom investment programs that reduce fees and provides a distinct investment solution.

Invest in Entrepreneurs, Innovators & Wealth creators

Historically entrepreneurial-led companies have performed better than their competition by staying 3-steps ahead. Visionary entrepreneurs shape an emerging trend and establish a new industry by disrupting the market. They often build a strong team and ride the company’s success to harvest. ERShares seeks to capture growth by investing in these Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Wealth Creators with our entrepreneurial ETF and entrepreneurial Mutual Funds.

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Key benefits of ERShares’s strategies

Global Exposure

Stock markets outside of the U.S. often move at a different pace than the U.S. market. Global investing gives investors, who are already actively trading in the U.S. Stock Market, the comfort of knowing that a portion of their portfolio is less influenced by potential turbulence in the United States. This may lower the risk of an investor’s portfolio over an extended period of time.

Portfolio Diversification

By employing an investment strategy that not only distributes your capital across multiple companies, but also across the world, you effectively balance your portfolio in a way that is extremely difficult to accomplish with US equity investments alone.

Expert Management

When you invest in the ERShares, you invest in the ERShares team and our expert management of capital. We are experienced in buying and selling domestic and foreign stocks—often in foreign markets with foreign currency and local traders—a task that is extremely difficult and expensive for most individual investors to set up.

We are excited to announce that you can now
invest directly through the ERShares Investment Platform!

ERShares Investment Platform

ERShares has taken the lead to be the very first fund managers to enable investors to invest directly with us. We were the pioneers to introduce thematic strategy back in 2005 and staying consistent with paving the path for others, we are now the first to introduce a new revolutionary way of investing too.

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For significant investments, we provide personalized advice to investors.

ERShares has a unique program for accredited [or high net worth] individual investors who want to invest above $500,000. Direct access to portfolio manager meetings with investment team focused on your investment goals. Cost savings by eliminating redundant fees.

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