Why Invest Globally?

By diversifying your portfolio globally with global investing you can gain from the exponential growth of innovative entrepreneurial companies from around the world. ERShares brings opportunities worldwide through our thematic, global investment research to select the right leaders and right technologies for our investors. Through ERShares, newcomers and seasoned investors alike are able to take advantage of the growth potential of blossoming, global businesses. Compared to other investment opportunities – bonds, real estate, gold, etc – we believe non-U.S. equities, especially non-U.S. Small-Cap funds, provide strong potential for future growth.

Key Benefits of Investing Globally with ERShares

Our global strategy managed by an exceptional team of analysts makes it easy for you to invest all over the world.

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Diversification in a Tri Polar World

By employing an investment strategy that not only distributes your capital across multiple companies, but also across the world, you effectively balance your portfolio in a way that is extremely difficult to accomplish with US equity investments alone.

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Global Exposure

Stock markets outside of the U.S. often move at a different pace than the U.S. market. This gives investors, who are already actively trading in the U.S. Stock Market, the comfort of knowing that a portion of their portfolio is less influenced by potential turbulence in the United States. This may lower the risk of an investor’s portfolio over an extended period of time.

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Expert Management

When you invest in the ERShares, you invest in the ERShares team and our expert management of capital. We are experienced in buying and selling domestic and foreign stocks—often in foreign markets with foreign currency and local traders—a task that is extremely difficult and expensive for most individual investors to set up.

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We do not operate in a slow, bureaucratic manner. We have a young, energetic group that works efficiently when you need them. When you call or email us, we will be very responsive and help you.

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The performance for Non-US Equity ETFs has been rising in 2020 along with other global markets. Though no one can promise future results, the market trend suggests that the pendulum may have already shifted—with Non-U.S. outperforming US stocks. This trend might very well continue for the foreseeable future. Newcomers & seasoned investors alike can take advantage of foreign currency appreciation along with the growth potential of emerging, global businesses through Non-U.S. equity ETFs and Mutual Funds.

Explore International ERShares Products


ERShares Non-US Small Cap ETF - Ticker ERSX

ERShares ERSX ETF, capitalize on the opportunities created by the most entrepreneurial stocks around the world. The fund tracks the Entrepreneur Non-US Small Cap Index. The index is a rules-based methodology comprised of 50 Non-U.S. companies from around the world with market capitalizations between $300 million and $5 billion USD. The companies are selected based on their entrepreneurial attributes as specified in the proprietary model. High value is placed on visionary leaders who are stewards of their companies and possess high economic and personal stakes.



ERShares Global Entrepreneurs Mutual Fund - Ticker ENTIX

ERShares ENTIX Global Entrepreneurs Mutual Fund, invests in a portfolio of domestic entrepreneurial companies with market caps above $300MM. We select investments based on our 15 proprietary qualitative and quantitative filters. Our investment style places high value on visionary leaders who are stewards of their companies and possess high economic and personal stakes.


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Over the past 50 years, US Markets have exceeded Non-US markets, for periods of approximately 4-5 years before reverting and having Non-US markets dominate for a comparable period. In the year 2020, we complete a period of 12-year dominance by US Markets, which is about 2-3X longer than typical and this is long overdue for a correction. At ERShares, we believe our markets may now be experiencing an ‘Intermarket Reversion’ with stocks reverting to historical patterns. We are on a continuous lookout for success stories from across the world. We have confidence that whenever the next great growth story emerges, it will likely be led by a successful Entrepreneur, and probably reside within the ERShares funds.

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