Health Care & Technology
Why invest in Health care & Technology Strategy?

Entrepreneurial companies focusing on HealthCare and Technology provide among the most explosive growth of any sector in existence. Traditionally the strongest risk-adjusted, alpha-generating companies emerge from these sectors. Moreover, trends suggest that HealthCare and Technology will only become more dominant in the years ahead.

The heart to the Alpha-Generating Entrepreneur Factor® lies within the HealthCare and Technology sectors. Traditionally, much of our performance derives from these two sectors. Now, investors can generate a pure play with maximum performance potential.

Healthcare & Information Technology are the future sectors driving the economy

The global economy has evolved considerably in the past century. Technology breakthroughs and commercial innovations have taken over the dominating role of economies of scale and monopolistic advantages to become the new driving factors for the economy. ESG investing is also another driving factor that is transforming the financial industry landscape. The sectors where most innovations are observed, Health Care and Information Technology are continuingly shaping the world to a more transparent, equal, and efficient future.

Advances in technologies including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and telecommunications make it possible to connect people around the world on a digital economy where every individual or business can exchange their specialties and talents regardless of geographical barriers. Breakthroughs in healthcare not only expedite the journey to conquer rare diseases that have been haunting human beings for centuries but also opens possibilities for equality across the world through the redistribution of healthcare resources worldwide. Exponential growth potentials often reside in the endeavors to build a better future for everyone and that is where Health Care and Technology sectors come in place.

Strategy Objectives

The HealthCare and Technology Strategy provides investors a pure-play into the heart of the Entrepreneur Factor®. This strategy invests in the most innovative, disruptive, Entrepreneurial companies within the highest growth sectors. The strategy invests in 30-50 Entrepreneurial HealthCare and Technology companies that provide the strongest potential going forward.

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