Why Innovation?

We believe that great entrepreneurial leaders think three steps ahead. They invest in innovation; they invest in the future. Entrepreneurs who seek to drive change invest in ground-breaking technological innovations that transform industries. These entrepreneurial companies lead the way and do not become obsolete in the long run.

Investing in Innovation to Drive Growth

Entrepreneurial companies spend time and money in research to ensure they are investing in the right technologies at the right time to accelerate growth. They integrate innovation efforts into the organization’s overall strategy. They create a culture that supports innovation and addresses the obstacles that come along the way. Companies across the world are contributing to paving the way for a better future by investing in innovation technologies that will create disruption and drive growth for the future. At ERShares, we back the companies with the best entrepreneurial minds that invest in the right technology for a better and sustainable future.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Genetic Engineering and Biotech

Medtech and Diagnostics


Cloud Computing

5G & NextGen Communication

Intelligent Manufacturing

3D Printing


Renewable Energy

NextGen Transportation

Interactive Entertainment

Digital Economy


Space Exploration

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