Global, Diverse, Innovative Team

The ERShares Team

The ERShares team reflects the companies in their portfolio: our diverse, international team enables us to better assess global, innovative entrants into our portfolios and evaluate risk and potential return in an efficient, effective manner. Our integrative, entrepreneurial team works in a productive manner without constraints of a traditional bureaucratic culture. We have one common purpose: to create value for our investors regardless of their investment size.

ERShares DNA

Entrepreneurial companies around the world support a diverse and inclusive culture. The team at ERShares reflects the mindset of a founder-run entrepreneurial company.

At ERShares, we believe diversity of backgrounds helps create innovative and smarter ideas and execution.

Globally Minded

The ERShares team comes from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, religions, nationalities and races. This enhances our global investing footprint as we gather public companies from every continent around the world.

According to New American Economy, 44% of Fortune 500 companies — including iconic American brands such as Tesla, Alphabet and Apple — were founded by immigrants or their children. Collectively, those companies employ 13.7 million people and have revenues of $6.3 trillion — over twice the gross domestic product of the United Kingdom.

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