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ERShares scours the planet for the most entrepreneurial, strong growth companies and brings them to the market in one easy-to-invest fund. At ERShares, we ensure the right technology is matched with the right leaders. We believe that without best entrepreneurial minds, technological advances alone won’t get results in the long run. Our research asserts that entrepreneurially run companies achieve higher long-run growth rates.

ERShares’ proprietary investment model delivers value to investors by identifying the most entrepreneurial publicly traded companies who are run by leaders producing innovations that shape up the future. ERShares provides low cost solutions to investors that deliver long-term growth.


ERShares Entrepreneurs ETF – Ticker: ENTR

ERShares Entrepreneur ETF (ENTR) invests in innovative HealthCare and Technology companies packed with all-star leaders. Many ENTR portfolio companies experience unique cost efficiencies and demand explosions through disruptive innovation adjustments in their respective industries. The ENTR ETF exploits these demand expansions and cost utilization through its investment methodology applied across a multitude of industrial sectors.

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