“We had no money, we had no customers, we had no product. It was also winter in New York, so it was pretty sad.  I think these are the moments where you have to go back to the basics and figure out, ‘okay so what are we doing, why are we doing it, and who are we doing it for?’”

Olivier Pomel

Entrepreneur's Journey

Olivier Pomel is the CEO of Datadog and he founded the company in 2010. Before founding Datadog, Olivier worked as the Vice president of technology at Wireless Generations (now known as Amplify), working on building data systems for K-12 school teachers, bringing together 100 of the best engineers in NYC, and also doing work for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Before he did work for Wireless Generations, he was an employee at Silicongo and Neomeo as a software engineer. He got his start in technology with his first job at IBM as a software engineer. Olivier’s involvement in technology and the ability to build systems led to his success throughout all of his career and his company. In his career, he improved on his DevOps abilities, which is aimed at shortening the systems development life cycle to provide more continuous delivery of software improvement and quality. Olivier’s experiences with building systems and his view on “thinking in systems” allowed him to achieve the great success that he has had over the past few years.

Innovation brought by the entrepreneur:

Olivier Pomel along with co-founder Alexis Lê-Quôc found a new way of collaborating developers and IT operations in one platform where the data was made available on a real-time basis. Datadog’s value proposition of the “Three pillars of observability”, which are metrics, traces, and logs helped customers better track data over time, view all interactions, and log events that are being generated by any participant in any of the systems.

Datadog defines success for its products by going back to the company’s core value proposition of bridging the gap between teams. Products are built in a manner that are easily adopted by everyone in the team and functionalities are added on an on-going basis. The proprietary software of monitoring and analyzing helps developers and IT operations managers make the process more streamlined with the data that will be kept in the cloud.

Key Success Attributes

Thinking in systems. The ability to learn more about the way data systems work for businesses and institutions
Detail-oriented with a penchant for data-driven decisions to analyze and monitor data for strategic business decisions
Trust in his team, collaborative spirit, and willingness to adapt or adjust to what the market wants.
The entrepreneurial mindset of incorporating “start-up mentality” to better develop and incorporate new products.

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