“Who has not experienced unforgettable failures when he was young? As long as one is self-willed and persistent, even at my age, I believe there are still endless possibilities.”

Li Yinan

Entrepreneur's Journey

Li Yinan has been considered a genius since childhood. He was admitted to the junior class of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China at the age of 15 and graduated with a master’s degree at the age of 23 in 1993. He joined Huawei after graduation and was promoted to Vice President after two years. In 2000, he left Huawei and founded Harbour Network which started as an agent of Huawei but soon became a competitor. Harbour Network was then acquired by Huawei in 2006 and Yinan went back to Huawei for two more years.

In 2008, Li Yinan served as CTO of Baidu, CEO of China Mobile’s web portal, and as venture partner of GSR Venture. He founded Niu Technologies with the vision to bring the best-ever electric scooter to the market during April 2015. As an energetic and ambitious entrepreneur with deep interests in technology and product design, Yinan continues to explore new areas such as electric automobiles.

Innovation brought by the entrepreneur:

During his time at Huawei, Li Yinan played an important role in bringing Huawei to a telecommunication giant. He not only led teams to make technical breakthroughs, but also was a key decision-maker of multiple marketing and recruiting strategies that boosted Huawei’s growth.

Advocated by Li Yinan, Niu Technologies innovatively equips electric scooters with stylish designs, smart control systems connected to an app, and an appealing brand story. Besides improving the appearance and operating performance of the scooters, it also offers insurance and maintenance services to the vehicle owners. This strategy not only catches the tailwind of consumption upgrade among consumers in China but also raises the curtain for next-generation transportation where smart planning based on artificial intelligence and big data can play an important role in urban short-distance transportation.

Key Success Attributes

His solid technical background and sharp perception of new technologies.
His dedication to improving user experience and increasing user stickiness.
Passion and determination to taking every entrepreneurial experience as if it were the first time.
Keen instincts for market opportunities and the motivation to quickly seize them.

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