“Part of building a team is hiring people who are better than you. If you limit goals to what you could do yourself, then you’ll be like everybody else. But if you raise the bar higher, people get inspired by it, and they achieve their goals.”

Emily Leproust

Entrepreneur's Journey

Born in France, Dr. Emily Leproust is a pioneer in high-throughput synthesis and sequencing of DNA.  Emily Leproust is disrupting the gene synthesis process by using synthetic biology applications in multiple fields including medicine, DNA data storage, agricultural biology, and industrial chemicals driving exponential growth. She served as the Director of Applications and Chemistry R&D of Genomics at Agilent Technologies. In this role, she developed the successful SureSelect product line that reduced the cost of sequencing and revealed mechanisms responsible for dozens of Mendelian diseases. She also developed the Oligo Library Synthesis technology, where she introduced and led product and business development activities for the team. She co-founded Twist Bioscience in 2013. As the CEO of Twist Bioscience, she is in charge of positioning the company to define and lead the future of synthetic biology by establishing the strategic direction and steering the organization to become the global industry leader in the new bio-based economy. Emily holds numerous patents and over 30 published papers surrounding synthetic DNA.

Innovation brought by the entrepreneur:

The innovation Emily Leproust and her co-founder Bill Peck created is a DNA synthesis technology that consists of proprietary microplate equipment based in part on the photolithography technology used to make semiconductors in the computer industry in Silicon Valley, as well as advanced liquid handling robot technology that builds DNA in the microplates. Other businesses are using their DNA gene fragments and oligonucleotides for basic research, drug discovery, industrial biotechnology, and agricultural biotechnology.

Key Success Attributes

Knowledge about synthesizing DNA.
Perseverance to go through all the ups and downs to define the future of synthetic biology.
Inner drive to pioneer new developments in the field of science.
Focus and patience in achieving her goals with her humble attitude.

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