“When times are good, when times are bad, every company needs to focus on growing their business, making their customers happy and making their customers repeat customers and loyal customers, and that’s the business that we’re in.”

Jeff Lawson

Entrepreneur's Journey

Jeff Lawson studied at the University of Michigan where he created versity.com. At first, versity.com was called notes4free.com, which gave students notes for their class online rather than having to pick them up physically. In 1998, he left Michigan and sold the start-up to pursue a career as the founding CTO at StubHub. After StubHub, he went to work for Amazon where he helped build AWS. In 2008, he left Amazon to start a new company called Twilio and is currently the CEO of the company. He took the company public in 2016. In 2020 Twilio acquired Segment, the market-leading customer data platform, to overcome data silos, get a single view of its customers, and to engage with them in a more meaningful way.

Innovation brought by the entrepreneur:

Jeff Green created the API that allows applications to communicate. Twilio built a platform to connect apps with telephone capabilities. It allows the companies to embed messaging, video, and voice in their apps. People all around the world are benefiting from Twilio because the customer and the company both benefit from its services.

Key Success Attributes

Through his success story, he has proved ingenuity as he is consistently coming up with new ideas.
He is optimistic and puts in relentless efforts to continue to boldly innovate by overcoming challenges that have come his way.
His belief in diversity and inclusion has led him to build a team culture of innovation. He aims to achieve a workforce that reflects the population it serves by 2023, which will mean an employee base that is 50 percent women and 30 percent underrepresented populations.

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