“Thanks to the internet, it shattered the barriers to entry in every single industry, and if you’ve got an idea, making that idea happen is easier today than it has ever been.”

Ruslan Kogan

Entrepreneur's Journey

Ruslan Kogan is an Australian serial entrepreneur who has been starting businesses since the age of 10. Growing up in a working-class family in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Mr. Kogan was taught the values of hard work and determination by his Belarusian immigrant parents. His teen years were dotted with entrepreneurial endeavors ranging from car washing services to mobile phone repair. Kogan took an interest in technology in high school, earning top scores for his knowledge of Information Processing and Management. Having grown up living in government-subsidized housing, Kogan sought to make high demand goods more affordable for his fellow Australians. With this mission in mind, Kogan founded the e-commerce giant, Kogan.com, at the age of 23. On par with other blockbuster entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Kogan began building his industry-disrupting corporation from his parents’ garage. Before creating what would eventually be a huge threat to big retailers in Australia, the young entrepreneur held positions in the IT departments of Bosch, General Electric (GE Money), and was a consultant at Accenture.

Innovation brought by the entrepreneur:

Ruslan Kogan pioneered an e-commerce site that makes Australia’s most in-demand products available at record low prices. This is made possible by Kogan’s innovative online-only business model which effectively cuts out the middlemen involved in getting manufactured goods to consumers. Australians benefit from the cost savings that Kogan.com passes on after bypassing the expenses of brick-and-mortar stores.

The Kogan brand is renowned for price leadership through digital efficiency. The company is focused on making in-demand products and services more affordable and accessible. Kogan.com is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

Kogan.com Ltd’s key strategic decision that led to the success of the company was CEO and founder Ruslan Kogan’s initiative to discover the most cost-effective method of importing Chinese manufactured consumer technology goods to Australians. The company’s e-commerce platform was disruptive at the time and aimed to shift consumer buying habits from traditional brick and mortar retail stores to its online purchasing platforms by offering extremely competitive prices on consumer goods in high demand.

Key Success Attributes

He always questions everything and encourages all of his staff to do the same.
Kogan’s success is driven by his strong work ethic and belief that there is no end goal in business, but rather a constantly evolving opportunity for growth.
His customer-centric approach has led the business to drive repeat business and loyalists.

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