Would you like to know where you can find the next Trillion $ growth stock? If so, ERShares may have an answer for you. It is an ETF with NYSE Ticker: ENTR. This ETF invests in the leading Entrepreneurial publicly listed companies around the world. ERShares was among the first to introduce a thematic approach to investing, having started 15 years ago following research conducted at Harvard University. 

Our methodology is a proprietary trade secret, but the basic message is clear: ERShares selects the most entrepreneurial, strong growth, global companies and puts it to market in one easy-to-invest fund.  Many investment companies claim Disruptive Technology, but only ERShares ensures that the right technology is matched with the right leaders. They believe that without the best entrepreneurial minds, technology alone will not get very far. 

The ENTR ETF specializes in innovative HealthCare and Technology companies packed with All Star leaders including Elon Musk (Tesla), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Reed Hastings (Square/Twitter), Jack Ma (Alibaba), Larry Page, Sergey Brin (Alphabet), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and many others that are not yet as well-known but who will likely soon join that list. 

ENTR is currently one of the strongest performing ETFs in its investment class and has an annual cost of 49 cents for every $100 investment. Moreover, the Fund Managers do not settle on prior performance and are constantly seeking exciting new growth stories in HealthCare and Technology to add to their ETF. The Markets have been strong for most of 2020, though frequently experience periods of volatility.  Will this trend continue? Nobody really knows for sure or can offer promises about the future. However, ERShares team has confidence that whenever the next great growth story emerges, it will likely be led by a successful Entrepreneur, and probably reside within the ENTR ETF.