About our company

EntrepreneurShares has developed a proprietary investment model that incorporates both quantitative and qualitative criteria. The investment model utilizes extensive academic research created by Professor Joel Shulman.

Visionary leaders tend to have both economic and non-economic incentives to create value within their organizations.

We offer a new investment style. Our proprietary 15-factor model identifies the most entrepreneurial companies with visionary leaders that hold economic and non-economic incentive to create value. Our strategy works across a broad array of Morningstar categories including varying market capitalization levels and geographic areas.

We are proud to note, that extensive quantitative analysis suggests that we have identified a new Market (Entrepreneur) Factor. Over the past 9+ years, utilizing more than 20+ market factors (Market, Size, Growth, Sector, Momentum, etc.) evidence shows that our Entrepreneur Factor is, by far, the dominant explanatory Factor in explaining excess return.