ERShares- Thematic Investment Process. Powered by AI

ERShares incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies into our daily operations. It’s not just a novel concept or marketing ploy. We continue to refine our processes and ensure that we deliver the most efficient, effective investment methodology.

AI allows us to integrate superior selection criteria and monitor performance on a real-time basis. At ERShares, we constantly strive to improve our models for the benefit of our investors.

Proprietary Investment Process

Universe Analysis

With the use of Machine Learning technologies, ERShares now leverages more information than ever before. ERShares was among the first Investment Managers to develop a thematic investment approach focusing on disruptive, innovative, Entrepreneurial companies, and have now taken it one step further.

In addition to evaluating 55,000+ global public companies for entrepreneurial characteristics, we exploit state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to develop a more sophisticated assessment of our targeted investments. The net result helps maintain our edge in delivering our one-of-a-kind, proprietary, alpha-generating, Entrepreneur Factor®.

Portfolio building

ERShares’ Entrepreneurial investment strategies encompass a full range of public companies across an array of market capitalizations, sectors, and global geographies. Our portfolio constituents include world-class entrepreneurs who drive disruptive innovation and wealth creation.

ERShares’ investment team applies AI and Thematic Research to assess macro-economic traits and incorporates them into our global perspective of changing investment flows and dynamic adjustments. Many of our portfolio companies are experiencing unique cost efficiencies and demand explosions, through disruptive innovation adjustments in their respective industries. We exploit these demand expansions/cost utilitizations through our investment methodology across a multitude of industrial sectors though typically concentrate on primary growth categories within Information Technology, HealthCare, Communication Services and Consumer Discretionary. Our leadership cohorts often include well-known entrepreneurs, such as Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, but the secret sauce incorporates the next generation of exceptional leaders.

Proprietary Entrepreneur Factor®

The Entrepreneur Factor® stands supreme–above other investment Factors including well known traits such as momentum, sector, growth, value, leverage, country, market cap and geographic orientation. This enables ERShares to deliver strong performance across a variety of investment strategies without disrupting our clients’ underlying risk profile metrics. Our research, developed at Harvard University, has been widely disseminated in leading investment journals around the world and has surpassed independent peer review. This proprietary research, and ERShares’ long standing position as one of the first (if not the first) thematic investment managers (established in 2005), enables us to maintain our leadership status within the community of disruptive, innovative and Entrepreneurial portfolio selection.

ERShares Proprietary Entrepreneur Factor<sup>®</sup>

Entrepreneurial Companies display key attributes in 6 categories

Organizational Dynamics

Visionary Leaders

Exceptional Managerial Talent
Disruptive Entrepreneurial Mindset
Aligned Stakeholders
Integrated, Trusted Leaders
Transparent Governance
Innovative, Ingenious Implementers

ERShares – Portfolio Management & Rebalancing Centers around Dashboard Driven Oversight

Quarterly rebalancing based on consistency with Entrepreneur Factor<sup>®</sup>. Monthly reexamination of the quant model. Daily dashboards allow for timely interventions.

Fundamental Analysis
Momentum Dashboard & Sector Comparison
Performance Attribution
Entrepreneur Market Barometer
Peer Analysis
Risk Analysis
Sector Attribution

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